Event-Ace, by NoteAffect

May 8-10, 2024

Resorts World Las Vegas

Event-Ace, by NoteAffect, is a patented award-winning AI-driven platform that can turn ANY digital content into an interactive and engaging presentation for conferences and trade shows. Event-Ace increases the value of your event by creating a unique experience that can only be found inside of your event or association using your content. Using educational research, Event-Ace was developed to not only create FOMO for your event but also a 365-day experience, increase brand awareness, and add two new revenue streams all with little effort on your team’s part!

Adoption by attendees for our partners has been high and even greater than when we first introduced the event mobile app is 2009!

Instead of displaying content for your attendees to watch on a screen, Event-Ace broadcasts ANY digital content to ANY digital device. Attendees can highlight, annotate, and take notes directly on the content. All attendees’ notes, content, presentation audio and questions are stored for easy access. AI-based analytics continually provide information on user engagement, participation, and detailed interest levels after your event, providing unparalleled market intelligence. A revenue-generating exhibitor program boosts lead conversion using one-of-a-kind sales intelligence. Overall, the platform delivers increased knowledge retention and provides a better attendee experience.