Power Lunch with Mike Carlucci

Thursday, May 9
11:15 am
 - 11:50 am

Mike Carlucci, Chief Operating Officer at Clarion Events, North America, has a storied career in the events industry. With more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of roles, including sales, show management and company operations, Carlucci has found the key to being a great leader is to empower and embrace excellence in his teams. In this Power Lunch-style interview with Courtney Muller, President, Manifest and Chief Corporate Development Officer, Connectiv, he offers insights into how the trade show world is continuously changing, how to build a team from the ground up and why transparency, trust and honesty are his guiding principles for strong relationships and partnerships.  

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Mike Carlucci
Chief Operating Officer, Clarion Events North America


Courtney Muller
President, Manifest and Chief Corporate Development Officer, Connectiv