Making MAGIC Locally: Setting Expectations and Strategizing Differently

Thursday, May 9
2:00 pm
 - 2:20 pm

As industries return to pre-pandemic operations, trade shows serving certain verticals are finding their attendees need more regional and/or seasonal shows to best do business. MMGNET Group (formerly Informa Markets Fashion) has embraced the growing trend of the regionalization of shows in its own events portfolio and have been producing events to meet the new demands and needs of their audiences, whether that be events held in a specific season or market, or by creating new kinds of experiences to serve niche audiences. Kelly Helfman, President of MMGNET Group, shares the kind of market research needed to make informed decisions about new launches, how to create different value propositions for each event, and the impact regionalization has on an existing brand and its flagship events. 

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Sponsored by Event-Ace by Note Effect

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Kelly Helfman
President, MMGNET Group (formerly Informa Markets Fashion)

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