How Trade Show Organizers Are Facilitating — and Sustaining — High Growth in Key Metrics

Thursday, May 9
2:35 pm
 - 3:10 pm

The Fastest 50 Class of 2023 put up some impressive numbers in terms of growth, with 51.6% growth in net square feet of paid exhibit space, 48.4% growth in the number of exhibiting companies and 62.8% growth in total attendance. Leaders from this year’s rankings discuss their teams’ approaches to facilitating growth and their strategies for sustaining it going forward. From reimagining the show floor to curating a quality audience to generating FOMO and great word-of-mouth promotion, these leaders are driving their shows to the next level. Show organizers also share how they’re planning on capitalizing on their current success to sustain growth in the long term. 

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Glenn Celentano
Partner | CEO, Restaurant Events, LLC and Founder, The Pizza Tomorrow Summit

Jamie Reesby, CEM
Vice President, Generation & Grocery, Clarion Events North America

Marc Simon
Event Vice President, PGA Golf Exhibitions, RX


Mary Beth Shaughnessy
Event Vice President, ISC Security Events, RX