From Crowds to Communities: Building Big Events that Feel Small

Thursday, May 9
1:15 pm
 - 2:00 pm

How do you make an event, regardless of its size, feel more intimate and engaging? Through personalized marketing, curated experiences and the creation (and nurturing) of smaller interest groups that foster a sense of community and connection. Framed by recent industry data from Freeman, Kinsey Fabrizio, President of CTA, and Caitlin Fox, Vice President and Marketing Strategist at mdg will discuss how – with real life examples—event organizers are satisfying the growing appetite for customized experiences that align to the wants and needs of event attendees. Specifically, Kinsey will share how CES has doubled-down on creating more contextual experiences that drive engagement and loyalty within key segments of its audience.

Want to view the session materials, click here. 

Sponsored by Event-Ace by Note Effect

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Kinsey Fabrizio
President, Consumer Technology Association

Caitlin Fox
Vice President and Marketing Strategist, mdg

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